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5 Reasons why you should live in the suburbs

While the suburbs are sometimes labeled as a less vibrant alternative to city life, this is far from the truth. In fact, a growing number of city dwellers are moving into suburbia that’s generally safer and more affordable than living in a concrete jungle. 


Additionally, living in the suburbs, such as the Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park, usually means easy and quick access to the city thanks to their proximity to major thoroughfares, something which rural areas often lack. 


Benefits of living in the suburbs 


If you’re still not convinced why you need to consider suburban life, read our list of reasons why you should live in this place. 


More indoor and outdoor space 

If you’re tired of city life where people live in close quarters, why not consider the suburbs where you can enjoy more indoor and outdoor space?


Because manufactured homes and RV community operators like Storzco understand that families with children, pet owners, and people who love the outdoors need extra space, they often include neighborhood amenities. For instance, one of their mobile home parks in Antelope, Sacramento, called Meadowbrook, has two swimming pools, a basketball court, a gated dog park, a clubhouse with a full kitchen and entertainment area, a library, and a barbecue and picnic area. 


Close to your work 

Nowadays, the suburbs offer more employment opportunities that make them ideal for professionals and the working class. But even if your workplace is in the city, suburbia remains an excellent place to live because it’s closer to the city (compared to rural areas) and it is connected to major roads that can bring you quickly to the downtown. 


Safer than city 

The suburbs generally have safer neighborhoods than cities; that’s why it’s not surprising that they appeal to families with young children, retirees or pretty much anyone who’s tired of the chaotic and fast-paced city life. 


Aside from having a lower population density, another reason why suburban neighborhoods are safer than cities is because of the high rates of home ownership. Apparently, people who own their house often have this sense of belongingness that deters them from doing criminal acts or socially unacceptable behavior. 


More affordable housing 

Compared to properties in the suburbs, the price of homes in large cities is way more expensive to the point that they are inaccessible to a lot of families. Additionally, restaurants, boutiques and food stores charge more in cities because of the higher rental prices. 


Fortunately, many suburbs have manufactured mobile home parks and RV communities that offer more affordable housing without skimping on the space. 


More peace and quiet

Whether you’re a retiree, single, or family with young kids, living in the suburbs gives you the much-needed relief from the city’s visual clutter and noise pollution.  


However, don’t always equate peace and quiet to a dull and monotonous life, which is sometimes associated with the suburbs. First and foremost, this is far from the truth if you live in Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park which is known for its amenities and close-knit community.


Final word 

The suburbs are a great place to live if you’re looking for more indoor and outdoor space (who wouldn’t want this after experiencing social distancing and prolonged lockdown?), excellent public schools, proximity to restaurants and grocery stores, and affordable housing. 


If you’re looking for a tight-knit community with amenities and is strategically located near malls, restaurants and shops, visit Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park in Antelope, Sacramento. You can also send us a message to learn more about this quaint and family-friendly neighborhood. 

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