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Install air-conditioning to keep your mobile home cool during Spring

5 Tips on How to Keep Your Mobile Home Cool During Spring

When spring hits, that means warmer temperatures and higher humidity. Combine those changes and you’ll be cursing the idea of coming outside again. After all, the season is just begging for you to turn up the air conditioning and retreat indoors. Your mobile home’s air conditioning unit, however, may not be ready to deal with the sudden change in temperature. In fact, most units are only designed to cool down a space within a certain range. When the temperature outside is suddenly higher than usual, it can put a great deal of strain on the unit. Read through these tips on keeping your mobile home cool during spring.

1. Change out curtains and draperies

Before you know it, you’ll be wishing you had opened up those curtains and done some window washing. The reason? Hot temperatures are drawing out all of the moisture in the air. This can accelerate the growth of mold in corners and other areas of your mobile home. Fortunately, you can prevent this by opening some of the windows in your mobile home. Also, try to keep the curtains open as much as you can.

2. Install ceiling fans

Many people don’t realize the impact that ceiling fans can have on cooling a mobile home. Most people think that only the outside of a home can be cooled with a ceiling fan. However, ceiling fans can also make a difference inside a mobile home.  Ceiling fans are especially useful when there’s a breeze outside. Warm air from the outside can enter a mobile home and create a hot and humid atmosphere inside your mobile home. Additionally, it can create a wind chill effect. This is when the air inside your mobile home feels colder than the outside temperature. Ceiling fans can help to combat both of these problems.

3. Install an evaporative cooler

Humidity can wreak havoc on an air conditioner. That’s why venting out the hot and humid air is such an important part of your AC system. Adding an evaporative cooler, however, can help to minimize the damage. Like a greenhouse, an evaporative cooler works by using a fan to push air through the walls of your mobile home. It absorbs the moisture in the air and then releases it as cool mist. This mist can then flow back into the air and help to ventilate your mobile home.

4. Employ drywall repairs

Ah, the age-old myth of putting a layer of drywall in a mobile home comes back to haunt us again. The idea is that the drywall will help to cool down your mobile home. It’s a myth because there are no special panels or layers of drywall that are specially designed to keep your mobile home cool.  Instead, the idea is that if you put a layer of drywall between your AC and the outside of your home, then the air conditioning inside your home will stay cooler. However, this myth is based on a false assumption. Drywall doesn’t have a special conductivity that makes it suited to keep your mobile home cool.

5. Install a swamp cooler

Swamp coolers are a popular way to cool a mobile home. The basic idea is that you chill the air inside a container by running the air through a wet coil. Then, you vent the air to the outside of your home. While a swamp cooler can work well in some cases, you may not be able to employ it in your particular situation. Why? Because you may not have a naturally humid environment. If you live in an area that is very dry, then a swamp cooler might not be the best option for you.


Now that you know how to keep your mobile home cool during spring, you’re ready for the change in weather. Which is a good thing because the weather is about to get a whole lot warmer.  Knowing how to keep your mobile home cool during spring can help you stay comfortable in your home when the temperature rises.

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