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7 Reasons Why Mobile Homes Might Just Be Perfect for Newlyweds

Congratulations on your brand-new life as newlyweds! It’s an exciting new step filled with so much opportunity to live the way you want. 

Even as you’re both starting fresh, there are, understandably, some challenges that need to be addressed. The budget is expected to be tight, as you’re both just starting out, probably still paying bills from the wedding, as well as your own respective student loans (and other obligations). 

These days, more and more couples or families just starting out see the purchase of a mobile home as a viable alternative to the more traditional larger (yet mortgage-heavy) homes, or even renting an apartment.  

Mobile homes are a great introduction to homeownership. With plenty of options for new homeowners, here are seven good reasons why a mobile home might just be perfect for a newlywed couple. 

Less Debt, Less Risk 

One of the biggest issues of having a bigger home these days is the increased housing costs. While most online mortgage calculators and real estate experts recommend that, as homeowners, you should be devoting a maximum of about 30% of your monthly net income on housing, many couples end up paying a lot more than that– upwards of 40% in some cases. 

Living in a mobile home brings down your housing costs considerably, taking up about 15% of your monthly net income, perhaps even less.  

It’s a Lot More Affordable 

Do you know what else you’d be saving on? Heating and cooling, insurance, and other utility costs significantly go down as well with a mobile home. Considering how your savings really add up month over month, that’s quite a bunch of cash you can use elsewhere.  

You Can Live the Life You Want 

With a lot less to worry about, living in a mobile home frees you up in even more ways: with the extra savings you get, you now have more funds to do whatever you want– pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor, pay off your student debt, purchase more gadgets or creature comforts, or even do some traveling together. 

It’s Easier to Maintain 

A smaller home means a lot less to worry about in terms of cleaning, upkeep, and repair. This means you can spend considerably less time, energy, and effort towards making your home look great, and keeping it that way over the long term. 

You Live with Only the Essentials 

When you have more space, you’re also more likely to accumulate more decor, memorabilia, or otherwise unnecessary novelties to fill in shelves, tabletops, and other corners.  

With a mobile home, you’re a lot less likely to accumulate junk, as you are constantly forced to think twice about picking up stuff you might not really need. 

It’s a More Environmentally Friendly Option 

Smaller living spaces like a mobile home use a lot less in terms of materials and construction. Furthermore, powering your mobile home also uses less gas, uses far less water (because you have fewer toilets and bathrooms), and less electricity for heating or cooling. 

It Brings You Closer Together 

In the literal sense, sure. But don’t forget that living in such close quarters also encourages more bonding as a couple, as you do a lot more things together (as opposed to spreading out throughout a larger house to each do your own thing). 

A Final Word 

As you can see, a mobile home has a good number of benefits, especially for a financially responsible newlywed couple starting a new life together. 

In addition, tiny homes are very much in fashion right now. A double-wide mobile home, for example, makes for a viable alternative to the larger, more traditional, more expensive modern home. 

For a good idea of what sort of options you might have for mobile home living in Sacramento, come visit Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park. Our lovely community is right along Antelope Road, with easy access to the I-80. For appointments and inquiries, give our team a call anytime at (916) 334-0737. 

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