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Fog from Burning - Forest

Staying safe from severe weather in Sacramento

Severe weather conditions have become a global phenomenon. In various states in the US, there had been incidents of wildfires or forest fires and massive flooding, bringing deaths and property loss.


WILDFIRES  are ignited when dried plants on land surfaces came in contact with a fire agent— it can be a flint, a cigarette bud, or even a minor spark from friction. It does not take much for a wildfire to raise hell. With a steady blowing wind and rising humidity, wildfires are guaranteed to spread and can be fatal to humans living in the area. This phenomenon does not only destroy homes, but it can also pollute the air, and suffocate humans. That is why massive forced evacuation is conducted when wildfires are reported.


IN 2018, the state of California recorded the most devastating forest fire in its history where 98 civilians and six firemen perished with 1.8 million acres of land burned to damage at least $3.5 billion worth of properties and business losses.


FLOODING is another result of Mother Earths wrath as she unleashes heavy rains.  As the Earth’s temperature continues to rise, precipitation in vast bodies of water occurs faster at a deadlier pace. As the clouds carry volumes of water, the same amount of rain is pouring on land. Sometimes, property developers did not prepare for such phenomenon creating small water drainage and no flood water trapping area.  When drainages have reached the maximum capacity, rainwater will start to overflow, and flooding will happen.


California has had the worst flooding history with five major flooding recorded in the 1860s and 1978. To date, flooding continues as heavy rain continue to batter the state. In 2019 alone, various storms have caused flash floods as heavy rains with melting snow came crashing down from the mountains in Central California. 


For this reason, it is essential to choose a home that can serve as an oasis against the harsh realities of global warming and climate change. Find a developer that values and cradles the environment. There are developers in California that ensure there is enough space for trees to grow or residents can start their own gardens. Plants and trees serve as the Earth’s filter against the harsh sunlight and the rising water. A community that is protected by trees is far from danger.


Meadow Brook Mobile Home Park is built with the residents’ safety at heart. This community is developed with wide roads, deep drainage systems, and enough space for greeneries. It does not only offer a warm and welcoming environment, but it also helps take care of its residents’ wellbeing. 


If you are looking for your next home in California and would like to see our properties, do not hesitate to send us an email or ring us a call and we will be glad to schedule a property tour with you. Our agents can help you find the most suitable home for you depending on your needs, wants, and financial limits. 


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