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Top 5 Barbecue Restaurants in Sacramento

Authentic barbecued meat is slow-cooked in a circumvented hot air with the lid closed, giving it a tender, almost melt-in-your-mouth texture that makes this a popular staple across the US. But since it involves a laborious, time-consuming process, most of us would rather go to a restaurant than cook it ourselves. 

For this reason, we made a list of the top-rated barbecue restaurants in Sacramento. 


OZ Korean BBQ Restaurant 


This is a cook-your-own-food restaurant that offers an overwhelming assortment of meats, seafood, fresh and pickled vegetables, appetizers, condiments, desserts, side dishes, and beer and other alcoholic beverages.


While you can never go wrong with any of their pork dishes, we suggest that you try their spicy daepae sam-gyupsal, which is a thinly sliced pork belly topped with a spicy sauce, or their soy garlic sam-gyup-sal, which is marinated in garlic. 


Because the food and service are exceptional, it can get very crowded especially on weekends. 


Burgess Brothers Bbq and Burgers 


While they started out as a sit-down restaurant, they now only offer their mouthwatering barbecue via catering, food trucks, and take-out parties. 


They offer a delectable selection of burgers with avocado, mushroom, blue cheese, jalapeño, and bacon, and barbecued meats like smoked chicken, pulled pork, ribs, tri tip, “hot link,” and brisket. All these meats can be turned into a delectable sandwich. 


Meanwhile, all their meat plates come with two sides, while their sandwiches come with only one. 


Their sides include onion rings, sweet pot fries, mac & cheese, coleslaw, French fries, and potato salad. 


To cap off your hearty meal, we suggest that you order one of their desserts—pumpkin pie, butter pecan pie, chocolate cake, and cheesecake. 


Fahrenheit 250


According to their website, they slow-cook all their meats at 250 degrees and only use locally sourced oak and fruit woods to give their ribs, pulled pork, and brisket their smokey taste. Plus, everything on their menu–from their freshly squeezed lemonade to their barbecue sauces–is made from scratch.


Their bestseller is the brisket that they slow-smoked for 18 hours to create the most tender beef you could ever imagine. 


If you’re with a crowd, we suggest that you try their “build your own bbq combos,” which come with three types of meat served with housemade pickles, onions, white bread, plus two choices of side dishes. 


Momo’s Meat Market 


You don’t need to be a barbecue connoisseur to know that Momo’s Meat Market’s menu is on par with a high-end restaurant’s, especially their “three-way,” which consists of tri-tip, ribs, and chicken partnered with mac and potato salad. 


This small quaint restaurant offers high-quality raw meat custom cut and roast to a la Southern-style perfection.  


This resto might be one of the best barbecue places in Sacramento, assuming that you don’t mind the barbecue smoke scent on your clothes (and hair), especially if you stay too long in their parking lot where the restaurant keeps their smoking grills. 


Sauced BBQ & Spirit


They offer a wide selection of smoked meat, ranging from sliced brisket made of 100% Angus, hormone-free beef and Carolina pulled pork with a vinegar-based mop sauce to pork belly burn ends with honey sriracha and smoked free-range chicken brushed with apricot glaze. 


To complement their sinful barbecue plates, they all come with two sides; you can choose mac n cheese, sweet honey cornbread, waffle fries, smoked & baked beans, jalapeño cheese grits, or sweet potato casserole.  


You may also want to try their burgers, glazed brussel sprouts, chili mac, and smoked wings. 

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