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What Basic Upgrades Can I Do to My Mobile Home (This 2022)?

Just like with a traditional home, you can upgrade and add extras to your mobile home to truly make the space your own.


Mobile homes are known for their simple design. One of the most common struggles people have is aesthetics. And for this reason, a popular question homeowners ask is what they can do to make upgrades to their basic mobile home.


There are many ways to improve your mobile home’s looks– whether you want a bit more curb appeal, a boost in resale value, some added functionality, or perhaps you want to just make your home more appealing and up-to-date with the times.


Whatever your reason, here are some basic upgrades that you might want to consider doing to your mobile home this 2022.


New Skirting and Siding


Adding some new skirting or siding to your mobile home might be a nice upgrade. You can paint and update the color of your current siding or add some decorative molding for a new look. 


Installing new skirting and siding can transform the appearance of your home for a low cost. Because insulated skirting is designed to reduce heat loss, it can prevent pipes from freezing and bursting in wintertime. It also minimizes moisture-related problems that could lead to mold or rot.


Pot Lights in the Eaves


Yes, your mobile home comes with standard outdoor lights. But the addition of pot lights in the eaves of your mobile home is a great way to add a little bit of interest. A little extra light makes your home a bit more welcoming and inviting, especially if it’s pitch black dark outside.


Even if you don’t have an overhang, you can place them on your roof or on the side of your house where there is room for them to fit. 


Energy-Efficient Door and Windows


These days, an important thing that every homeowner should consider is making their home more energy-efficient. In order to do this, you need to invest in energy-efficient windows and doors. 


Besides adding aesthetic appeal, these new energy-efficient windows will reduce air drafts inside the home and maintain a more consistent temperature throughout the year. This feature will also decrease humidity levels in your property which can save you money on heating or cooling bills each month.


Soft-close hinges


One upgrade that is a common request by homeowners is the installation of soft-close hinges on cabinet doors and drawer slides. These upgrades are easy to implement and they offer a nice finishing touch for your mobile home.


Your off-the-shelf mobile home doesn’t come with these, and you’ll soon notice how annoying it is to hear closets and drawers banging all the time as you open and close them. With soft-close hinges, you’ll get a lot less unwanted noise as you use your doors, closets, and cabinets on a regular basis.


Added Insulation


Insulation wouldn’t typically be an issue for newer models of manufactured homes. But if you have an older mobile home, you should consider looking for ways to add insulation. 


One of the most common methods is to install foam insulation, which is much easier than cutting into the walls themselves. This is a great way to increase the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your heating costs. You could also insulate the underbelly and roof cavity area as well. This will help in reducing your energy bill and provide a better internal environment all around.


Don’t forget to inspect for cracks, gaps, or any damage that would need to be sealed as well.


Eaves and Overhangs


Eaves are the roofs of a mobile home, so adding an overhang to your mobile home can provide the extra coverage you need. You might also want to consider installing awnings, which have an aesthetic appeal and will help protect your roof from harsh weather.


Awnings provide a functional way to protect your home from the sun and rain. Adding on awnings to your mobile home’s exterior can also create more storage for you and your family. These are easy-to-install panels that fit over windows and provide extra protection from harsh weather conditions, while also giving you more room inside the house.


Structural Extensions


Adding structural extensions is a great way to make your home more appealing and increase resale value. There are a few considerations you should take into account before adding on the extension:

  • Ensure that your current foundation is strong enough to support the added load of the added structural extension
  • Make sure that your property can accommodate it
  • Consider adding thermal insulation around your new addition (as needed)


A popular upgrade is to add a front porch to your mobile home. This will give you more space for living, socializing, and entertaining guests who come to visit. Others would want to add on an extension or a garage to make use of the extra space.


Doors and Windows


Another upgrade that you can do is to add windows and doors. Adding these features will make your mobile home feel more like home. Windows will allow you to enjoy natural light in your space, while doors will provide better access for guests or for when it’s time for some household chores.


Replacing your doors is a great option for an upgrade. For example, if you have a double door set up in your mobile home, you can replace one of them with a single door or add a front door to your current set-up. This will help improve the look of your home and create more space in the front of your property.


Interior decorating


Adding some interior decorating upgrades to make your mobile home feel more like home is another popular upgrade that many people decide to do. You might want to replace walls with wallpaper or change out furniture in order to make it feel new and fresh.


Another option would be to create an indoor entertainment space such as an entertainment area with built-in seating or cabinets for storage. Adding this kind of feature will make it easier for all members of your family to enjoy themselves without having to move around too much!


Refreshing your home’s interior with new paint, updating light fixtures and plumbing, and adding energy-efficient appliances are some cost-effective fixes that can improve your comfort and make it more attractive to prospective buyers.


A Final Word on Basic Upgrades You Can Do To Your Mobile Home


Even if you don’t plan on moving anytime soon, it’s worth considering upgrading your mobile home with some design features like these to make it more appealing and up-to-date with the times.


There are many things you can do to your mobile home to make it your own. We hope that you were able to find some useful information from this article; if you have any other questions please feel free to give the Meadow Brook Mobile Home Park office a call anytime at 916-334-0737. 


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