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What it’s Like Living in a Mobile Home

Living in a mobile home can be just as fun, as relaxing, and as comfortable as you are living in a traditional house, only that it has more perks to offer and less stressful to maintain. If you are looking at living in mobile home parks in Sacramento, California you are in luck because this article covers everything you need to know about mobile home living:


Like traditional homes, mobile home parks can be the reflection of the humble abode owner. That being said, here are some of the things that you might want to consider when choosing the right home for you:

1.     Size

Are you living alone or with your family? Do you have kids? Are you bringing in pets? How many bookshelves do you actually own? Are you someone who likes to grow a garden? These are only a few of the questions that can help you determine how big, how tall, and how long your mobile home should be. Answering these questions can also help you gauge if you need to bring all your old stuff to the new home you are moving into.

2.     Location

This may seem a bit obvious, but we just need to pin it down. When choosing your next mobile home address, you might want to ask the following questions:

These are the most common places that an individual would go to finish his or her errands in day-to-day living so it’s very important that you can access all of these within your new home’s vicinity.

3.     Cost

It is no question that living in a mobile home is cheaper. But, that’s not everything that goes into living in a mobile park. Living in a mobile home park will entail a certain type of lifestyle. Others would describe it as living more with less— living with more money, more time on your hands and less stress, and maintenance cost.


Decent mobile homes would have the usual amenities like a bedroom, a kitchen, a receiving area, and a bathroom. This is meant for people who like to live a simple life and would like to keep it low-key. However, there are also the bigger mobile homes that have roll-in jacuzzis, a swimming pool, and even a full-dressed garden.

This is just on a per individual homes basis. As for the communities, there are mobile home parks that offer and encourage a more active lifestyle by installing basketball courts, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Most of them also have walkable and jogging-friendly roads that are wide enough to accommodate runners and vehicles without compromising one or the other.

Mobile homes also utilize building materials better than traditional houses, making mobile homes a more environmentally-friendly choice over traditional houses. This also means that mobile homes have a lower carbon footprint than traditional homes.


That being said, we can probably summarize the benefits of living in a mobile home park as follows:

  • Living in style and comfort without the stress
  • Favorable living standards but cost-efficient
  • Encouraging an active lifestyle
  • Environmental friendly

Here at Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park, we are committed to building a community of healthy and happy individuals and families. Located just along the Antelope Rd, Sacramento, CA 95842, USA. If you wish to pay us a visit, do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a ring. Our team will be very happy to assist you in your next home shopping.

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