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What Neighborhood Amenities Can I Enjoy at Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park?

Meadowbrook represents a new generation of mobile home park developments, bringing affordable living in a close-knit neighborhood with lots of well-maintained amenities for all to enjoy. 

It is these amenities that set Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park apart from all other similar manufactured home communities. These common areas serve as gathering spots for residents, families, and friends, and contribute greatly to the well-being and overall morale of the neighborhood. 


Swimming Pools 

Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park has not just one, but two swimming pools.  

While particularly great for kids so they can learn how to swim and be safe around water, having a pool around also offers everyone in the community a means of social interaction, relaxation, and relief from the summer heat. 

Swimming as an activity is a great low-impact aerobic exercise, suitable for everyone, especially those who might have joint pains in the hips, knees, and ankles. 


Community Spa 

Having a spa within the community is great! Through steam and soaks, massages and other treatments, a spa is not just ideal for relaxation and stress relief, but also to encourage the body to better heal with improved blood circulation. 

Therapeutic treatments in a spa also help stimulate the lymphatic system to flush out toxins, relax your sore muscles, and give you a more youthful glow. 


Laundry Room 

No need to head out of the mobile home park to get the week’s washing done. 

Meadowbrook has its own dedicated heavy-duty washers and dryers for residents to use, all within the safety of the neighborhood. 


Gated Dog Park  

Your canine companions will surely enjoy the community’s own gated dog park.  

Your dogs will get all the exercise and socializing they need while you hang out with your fellow dog lovers and do some networking on your own. 


Outdoor Play Areas 

For more active residents, Meadowbrook has a fully lit basketball court, as well as a tetherball court and a horseshoes court. So go right ahead and gather your friends and enjoy a quick game or two with the neighbors. All ages are welcome!  


Rolling Hills of Green Grass 

For when you’re feeling a lot more laid-back: relax and enjoy a leisurely afternoon under the shade of local trees while you’re doing a bit of recreational reading, sketching, writing, or even business ideation. 


BBQ area  

On those days you’d want to enjoy a bit of grilling and roasting, there’s a BBQ area just next to the tetherball and horseshoe courts. 

Great for hosting little backyard parties on lazy weekends or outdoor BBQs on special occasions or when you have guests coming by! 


The Community Clubhouse 

Quite possibly the beating heart and social center of the Meadowbrook community is the clubhouse, with its library, full kitchen, indoor children’s play area, two billiard tables, and an air hockey table. 


Meadowbrook’s clubhouse is a safe place for neighbors to gather, socialize, and do all sorts of activities together. Kids can immerse themselves in reading and contemplation in the library or enjoy some fun and games in the children’s dedicated play area. 


Meanwhile, older kids and younger adults can go for a round of billiards or air hockey. Finally, you can bring some of the neighbors together and do some cooking on weekends or holidays. 


A Final Word 

With a super-convenient location just across Antelope Road, Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park has easy access to the I-80, allowing you to get to greater Sacramento or Roseville via a quick drive. 


With all the nearby retail establishments, restaurants, and other neighborhood services, just about everything you need is well within reach, an added bonus to all the great amenities found in the Meadowbrook neighborhood. 


Come by Meadowbrook and see why our residents love it here. Feel free to set an appointment with our team anytime at (916) 334-0737. 

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