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Why You Should Start Swimming as an Exercise

Swimming is one of the most heart-racing cardio exercises and one of the most popular across all ages. Sometimes, adults get into it to jumpstart their New Year’s resolution to live a more active lifestyle. But what are the benefits of swimming and why is it so popular? Read on and let us walk you through the positive impacts of swimming on the human body:


A lot of us want to lose weight but hate the thought of sweating. But sweating is an essential part of any workout, such as running.

So, if you are looking for a workout that does not make you sweat, congratulations, you just found it. Some would argue that it is not true because people who swim actually sweat more than those who do not. This is both right and wrong. It is right because all our body‘s skin pores are open when we submerge ourselves in the water; and since we are trying to burn calories, the body is much warmer than its average temperature, and therefore sweat is created. However, since we are in the water, we do not actually feel the sweat coming out and thus tricking our brain into believing that we haven’t sweat.


Yes, swimming is not just a cardio workout. It is good for your health because it can make the muscles we haven’t used for a while, active again. We use our arms, legs, diaphragm, neck, and many more parts of the body that are directly involved with swimming. But, did you know that swimming also works out the muscles on your back, butt, thighs, hips, and brain?

The muscles on your back are used when you lift your arms to make a stroke. The force that you deliver to the water is supported by your back muscles, your arms, and the side of your stomach. Your glutes, on the other hand, are worked out when your legs paddle. Together with your thighs, your muscles work together to propel you to move forward.

But how does your brain get into the equation? The mindset of being in the water is the job of the brain. The brain will control your breathing and will activate all other areas of your brain that will make you more alert and energetic given since you are not in your natural space. Your brain will be in a critical thinking mode, making sure you do not drown.


Unlike other sports, swimming does not require much gear. All you need is a pool full of water and your body in swimwear. Others would say that it is costly because of the swimming pool rent. But, if you live in a community that offers that amenity, then this is not a problem.

There are various mobile home parks in Sacramento, California that offer this amenity to make sure that their residents live an active and healthy lifestyle. Properties like the Meadow Brook Mobile Home Park provide quality amenities that help encourage an outgoing approach to wellness. It is one of the best places to raise young kids or for elders because there are activities that can help develop their growth or maintain their habits.


For kids, swimming is a form of play and while we adults look at it as a workout, we can actually rewire our brain to think that it is leisure because swimming can also be a stress buster.

Swimming can be your best next alternative to yoga. Why? Because the sound of the water caressing your skin on gradual strokes creates a continuous rhythm that can relax your mind and can unwind your thoughts away from your troubles and focus on the water. Sometimes, people swim to help with their anxiety. Swimming is a great outlet for unspent negative energy brought by our psychological and physiological issues.

After a few hours at the pool and some laps, rest assured that you will rise up with a renewed sense of purpose and more motivated.


This is the byproduct of this workout. You will never know when you can use this skill to save someone’s life. It might be just a workout for you but it can mean life or death for others. It cannot only save the lives of others but yours too when an unwanted incident arrives.

Imagine you are taking yourself on a holiday cruise when the boat you are riding on suddenly went on fire and everyone has to evacuate. While there are boats and safety jackets, you will be more confident and less panicky compared to those who are not skilled at swimming.

These are only a few of the benefits of swimming that can help change your lifestyle. A change in lifestyle sometimes also entails a change in environment, and should you wish to push through with it, keep in mind that Meadow Brook Mobile Home Park can provide you the best amenity in town for the more active lifestyle that you seek.

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